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  • Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Celebrates 75th Birthday
    On 13th Feb 1969, Bob Dylan recorded versions of “Lay, Lady, Lay”, at Columbia Recording Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. “Lay Lady Lay” was originally written for the soundtrack of the movie Midnight Cowboy, but wasn’t submitted in time to be included in the finished film. The song has gone on to become a standard and … Continue reading "Bob Dylan Celebrates 75th Birthday"...
  • Paul-Simon Paul Simon May Take a Break From Songwriting
    On June 3, Paul Simon is releasing Stranger to Stranger, his first album since 2011’s So Beautiful or So What. But in a new interview, he suggests that he may not be at it much longer. As he tells NPR‘s Bob Boilen, it’s rooted in the desire to change things up after a lifetime of … Continue reading "Paul Simon May Take a Break From Songwriting"...
  • freddie It's Okay If You Did the 'Freddie'
    How many of you (yes the older ones) remember doing the ‘Freddie”?? How many of you (yes the older ones) remember “Freddie and The Dreamers”? For those of you that are not familiar with Freddie and The Dreamers, they were part of the early 60’s ‘British Invasion.” They had a number of hits including “I’m … Continue reading "It’s Okay If You Did the ‘Freddie’"...
  • Eric Burdon The House of the Rising Sun Turns 52 Years Old!
    It is one of the classic songs of Rock and Roll. It only took 15 minutes to record. We are talking about “The House of the Rising Sun” by Eric Burdon And The Animals. The song was recorded in just one take on May 18, 1964. Burdon has said, “We were looking for a song … Continue reading "The House of the Rising Sun Turns 52 Years Old!"...
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